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How to sell your antique amber beads, Coral Beads, and other Jewerly. 

We can appraise and buy your old Jewelry made of amber, coral and other materials. It does n’t matter whether it is a brooch or a pendant, a single antique coral or amber bead, a figurine or a sculpture, a necklace or a bracelet, a souvenir stone or a cigarette holder, just show it to us and you might be surprised by the value of it. We are also interested in items such as Venetian beads, murano glass, african trade beads, tibetanan cient beads, dzi and other. A price is varied from weight, size, age, state, color and quality of goods. An approximate price you can find out after sending us photos of the item toour e-mail ambercoral.com@gmail.com or loading a photo with registration of request below.

Selling antique amber and coral, Venetian glass beads, bakelite or faturan beads at the best price and in shortest terms - is very easy with us.

We are interested in acquisition of ancient beads, souvenirs from natural amber of epoch of the USSR and older, amber bracelets produced in the last century.

What amber can be expensive.

A few words on amber.

Amber is a lightweight stone, it is a fossilized tree resin about 100 million years old. That is why it floats in salt water and people gather it throughout years on the Baltic coast. What makes old amber much more expensive then new, is the top layer that received beautiful old patina throughout years. The older it is the more intense the color of the top layer, and therefore the price is higher.

There is vintage amber such as amber necklaces, rings, pipes etc. made during USSR era, antique amber roughly preWWII era which is kenigsberg (Königsberg, now Kallingrad) made goods, pressed amber A.K.A. German pressed amber beads and other amber that is up to few hundred years old. Ancient is all that is much older, such as old Tibetan beads, tribal jewelry, Viking and other. Now we can figure that if the top layer is damaged the value of the stone drops tremendously.

We are mostly looking for antique amber beads from yellow, yellow-orange and brown color, bees wax, egg yolk, butter scotch, old german pressed beads are also welcome. Beads must be regular geometrical shape. Beads made of transparent amber we are not interested in.

Old coral that we buy at high prices.

Coral grows on rocky sea bottom pretty deep, it grows very slowly and is becoming extinguished. It is priced high because there is a very limited supply of it, in most countries it is prohibited to harvest. Therefore we will not see any more of it coming any time soon. The most expensive and sought after coral is an oxblood AKA coral, A.K.A. dark red, blood red, deep sea coral. Sardinian coral off the coast of Italy is not as rare as aka coral, but could also get expensive. Momo coral off the coast of japan in a deep color could be priced high as well, there are more known types such as Italian red, Sciacca, Sicilian, African and others.. A good shape and quality coral necklace could easily reach to five fugures in value.

Other jewelry and beads

There are many kinds ofcollactable beads that can be worth a pretty good amount of money, one of them is antique venetian glass beads(Murano glass), some kinds are called fancy wedding beads, chevron beads, lamp work beads and others, they must be pre wwii era or older. The other is the material called faturan, it’s a dark cherry red type of Bakelite that cannot be made anymore. Tibetan DZI requires the most of our attention, although it is almost impossible to find one out there it is still in our list.

Appraisal by Ambercoral 

How to evaluate your vintage or antique Jewelry

1. The fastest and the easiest way is to send us photo to our viber or whatsupp, the phone number is in our contactlist. After sending us your photos you will get an immediate reply.

2. Request an appraisal through our form bellow by filling in the information and uploading photos.

Evaluation guidelines.

The price depends on the weight/size, quality, color, shape, condition and the overall look. In other words, the more beautiful the item is the more it is worth.

If your jewelry contains precious metals or stones such as gold, platinum, diamonds, chances are the main stone (whether it’s amber or coral) is natural and of a high quality. Note to all pawn shops and everyone else: if you happen to come across a ring with coral or a pendant with amber, please do not brake it just to take out the precious metal, we will buy at a much higher price than the metal is worth.

Nowadays there is a lot of processed and pressed amber as well as heated, which makes it look antique. All that adds to vintage melted and pressed amber, backelite and other made alike fakes. We do our best to spot a fake by photos so please make them as good as you can.

How you get paid 

We will gladly discuss the most comfortable way of making a payment. Whether it is cash in hand or a wire transfer, Paypal or western union, we are able to do it. We are based in Ukraine and have representatives in many of the biggest cities in the world, so you can write to us no matter where you are.

Become our partner.

Do you own or work at an antique store or a pawn shop?

Do you sell, buy or just hunt at flea markets or antique shows?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above and would like to work with us on a constant basis, please send us your resume for us to review.

Do you work at a place that handles unwanted Items such as salvation army ? If yes, please look at all of the jewelry that comes your way, a lot of good things are thrown away so please pay attention, if you see anything that looks similar to something that you see on our photos, take a picture and send to our viber or whatsupp and you will get an immediate reply. You might be surprised and make a good addition to your salary or double it for that matter.

Why choose Ambercoral?

We are the only experts in old amber and coral jewelry offering a free worldwide online appraisal services.

We will make you a fair offer, no 30% auction fees plus 10% buyer premium.

We can spot a fake easily in real time by good quality photos.

Frequently asked questions.

Are there any hidden costs or fees?

No. Appraisal at Amber coral is absolutely free.

If I request an appraisal am I obligated to sell to Ambercoral?

No. If you feel that our offer is too low for you, you have the right to turn it down.

If my antique amber beads are worth over 10k, how do I get paid?

For bigger amounts we will arrange counting in preferences from both parties.

How much is the price difference between appraisal and a cash offer from Ambercoral?

For a low value item it is about 20-30% and for items over 5000usd 10-20%.


Вага - критерій визначення вартості бурштину. Вага окремої намистинки важливіше ваги бус. Ціна скупки старих, випуску до 1990 року бурштинового намиста, часом, доходить до 70000 гривень. Великі "самородки" зараз рідкість і за них так само призначають високу ціну.

Від чого залежить вартість прикрас з бурштину

  • Намисто з бурштину: бурштиновим бусинкам характерна правильна геометрична форма, що є важливим фактором. Визначальним параметром є Вага кожної намистини. Чим він більший, тим шанс продати дорожче збільшується в арифметичній прогресії;
  • Сережки з бурштину: метал оправи грає не останню роль, вік - головну. Не варто забувати і про художню цінність виробу;
  • Підвіски з бурштину: матеріал оправи, ступінь прозорості (чим нижче, тим дорожче) і, звичайно ж, маса самого каменю;
  • Кільце з бурштином: метал основи плюс якість обробки, походження і вага каменю;
  • Брошка з бурштину: говорячи про брошки, про оправи замовчують. Відповідно, визначальним параметром є вага максимального фрагмента і, звичайно ж, якість виконання;
Бурштинове намисто, виробництва 19-20 століття

На ринку антикваріату обіг мають, в основному, намиста з бурштину часів СРСР. Вартість скупки бус цієї епохи може досягати десятки тисяч гривень. Вартість скупки добре збережених намист 19 століття коштує дорожче.

Старовинні намиста скупка 

Фахівці визначають двісті вісімдесят різновидів бурштину. Бурштин розділяється за походженням (сукциніт, геданіт, гессит, статіеніт, боккеіт), по родовищах (сіметіт, руменіт, бірміт і т.д.), за кольором (блакитний бурштин, червоний бурштин, зелений бурштин, білий бурштин).

Блакитний бурштин видобувається переважно в Домініканській республіці. Обсяг видобутку блакитного бурштину надзвичайно малий, що спільно з труднощами в його обробці робить блакитний бурштин цінним серед колекціонерів.


Інклюзи - органічні включення, порожнини з водою, міхури, доісторичні комахи в бурштині. Інклюзи в бурштині поділяються на колекційні і звичайної якості. Колекційні інклюзи визначаються за якістю каменю, формою і розміром, станом і художньої цінності вкраплення, їх вартість надмірно висока.

Прикраси з бурштину

Добре збережені старовинні намиста з бурштину високої якості виконані в золоті або сріблі представляють чималий інтерес у колекціонерів. А ми готові дати хорошу ціну за гідні екземпляри.

Сувеніри із бурштину

Поряд з прикрасами та ювелірними виробами, високу вартість мають сувеніри з натурального бурштину. Фігурки з бурштину, шахи і нарди якщо вони добре збереглися, також можуть бути високо оцінені нами.

About US 

AmberCoral is absolutely free online appraisal service, we specialize mostly in amber and coral, however other different kinds such as venetian glass, faturan, ancient ceramics etc. also catch our interest. We will do our best to provide quality service to everyone, as our goal is returning customers and referrals. Our team is there to deliver cash for your goods no matter where you are in the world. We also give a real time support through viber or whatsupp.

All the best, Team AmberCoral


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